Donna Osher


Donna has been an active ACA member since 2007, and a fellow member of the NYCA and ACPA-LA for a number of years, which has proved to be an invaluable asset in this industry.

Donna has been a Family PA for almost 30 years, on and off!! Her career started at 19 years old as a Hollywood Nanny in LA for an A-List Actor/Producer/Director and children’s author whom, to this day remains a close acquaintance, an inspiration in her and her own children’s lives.
Donna’s career (so far), has given her opportunities spread over a few countries with UHNW/celebrity clients and families in the UK, US and the Middle East. Donna’s other passion and career also spanning over a similar time, is as a Personal Fitness Trainer and celebrity trainer, where she combines working with high net worth families and creating family fitness programmes, educational, cultural and entertainment schedules for the children and the whole family.