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  • How can I become a celebrity assistant?

    There is no magic formula to becoming a celebrity personal assistant; often it is down to being in the right place at the right time. The best training you can give yourself is to make your work experience as relevant as possible whilst honing your skills to the highest degree. Potential employers will be looking for a strong level of organisation, professionalism and discretion. Working your way up to a senior position will allow you to demonstrate the attributes needed for coping with a demanding position.

    Certain industries such as music, film, TV and PR can often present opportunities, however it is down to you to actively search out potential openings. Networking is key. Demonstrate your skills and let people know what your goal is. Word of mouth can be the best way to get your foot in the door and is often how our members have found their opportunities. It may be helpful for you to create an up-to-date profile on LinkedIn ( in order to connect with other professionals and join relevant groups and discussions.

    One of our members, Donna Coulling, has published a wonderful book full of insight into the life of a Celebrity PA, which you may find useful reading. The Chamber of Celebrity PA Secrets available to purchase as an eBook on Amazon.

  • Can I apply for jobs using the Job Bank?

    The ACA Job Bank is a service only available to members.

  • Why join the ACA?

    There are numerous benefits of being a member of the ACA. Please see our dedicated “Join” page for more information.

  • Are there any other professional celebrity assistant organisations?

    There are several organisations that may be of interest:

    For Executive PAs, Miss Jones PA provides a wealth of information for those based in the London area. See for networking events, hotel & restaurant recommendations and a host of other membership benefits.

    Executive Secretary Magazine is an essential training resource for senior and aspiring administrative professionals.

    The Association of Personal Assistants is the professional body for practising personal assistants (PAs) and virtual personal assistants (VPAs) who work in direct support of the leaders of business, the public and voluntary sector, academia, the charities and arts.

    For celebrity personal assistants based in Los Angeles, this is the organisation for you: The Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants, with those based in New York catered for by the New York Celebrity Assistants organisation:

    It is also worth looking for relevant groups on LinkedIn such as the Executive Personal Assistants Society


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