Board Members

Welcome to the ACA Board. Please feel free to contact us as a group at or by using the contact forms for an individual Board member.

Board Members

Nicky Bell - Membership

Nicky Bell


Nicky assumed responsibility for the membership of the ACA in 2012 and has increased the membership significantly since she took over.

Kate Halls

Website & Design

Kate’s love of social media and modern means of communication make her ideally placed to ensure our website provides the latest news and information to our members.

Deborah Shaw

Honorary Board Member

Deborah Shaw has had a varied background. After training as a Buyer for Harrods, then working as a Publicist at Lynne Franks PR, Deborah relocated to Los Angeles.

Liz Dolan - Treasury

Liz Dolan


Liz has been an ACA member for 5 years, recently joining the Board as Treasurer.